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Are there good open-source projects on P2P file-sharing systems or distributed file systems written in C/C++ ?

I need a project to start with network-programming.

Can anyone give me any suggestions?

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Boost asio examples on the boost.org are really good one to start.


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Rasterbar libtorrent is probably what unknown (google) meant to link to. It is heavily based on Boost, using Boost.Asio for all network code. This is the library used by Halite and many others (but not rTorrent, which used a different library, also called libtorrent).

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libTorrent libTorrent - written in C++, using Boost extensively (and asio mentioned by Mykola). If you want to have a look at a client application using libTorrent, then there is rTorrent while for libTorrent - for example Halite (also using Boost).

EDIT: Thanks to Daniel Wallin for spotting the mixup of the different libTorrents.

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I think this would be helpful to get familiarize with the concepts.


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Take a look at Transmission.

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