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Recently, I worked with a paint project. First of all ,I need to select a color. When I touch the image then selected color will be replaced with same color region of bitmap image. How I can recognize the shape of same color region in the image.



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This code can be help full

imageViewEdit.setOnTouchListener(new View.OnTouchListener() {

    public boolean onTouch(View v, MotionEvent event) {
        setColor = newbitmap.getPixel((int)event.getX(),(int)event.getY());

        setColor_R = (setColor & 0x00ff0000) >> 16;
        setColor_G = (setColor & 0x0000ff00) >> 8;
        setColor_B = setColor & 0x000000ff;

        boolean[][] visited = new boolean[newbitmap.getWidth()][newbitmap.getHeight()];

        Queue<Pixel> pixel=new LinkedList<Pixel>();
        pixel.add(new Pixel(replaceX, replaceY));


            Pixel loc = pixel.remove();
            visited[loc._x][loc._y] = true;


        return false;

    public void putIfValid(int x, int y, Queue<Pixel> pixel, boolean[][] visited) {

            int colors=newbitmap.getPixel(x, y);

            int  current_R = (colors & 0x00ff0000) >> 16;
            int  current_G = (colors & 0x0000ff00) >> 8;
            int  current_B = colors & 0x000000ff;

            if(((setColor_R-RGBThreshold<=current_R) && (setColor_R+RGBThreshold>=current_R))
              &&((setColor_B-RGBThreshold<=current_B)&& (setColor_B+RGBThreshold>=current_B))
              && valid(x,y,visited)){

                pixel.add(new Pixel(x,y));
                newbitmap.setPixel(x, y, getColor);

    private boolean valid(int x, int y, boolean[][] visited) {

        return x >= 2 && x < (newbitmap.getWidth()-2)&&
               y >= 2 && y < (newbitmap.getHeight()-2) &&

public static class Pixel {
    final public int _x;
    final public int _y;
    public Pixel(int x,int y){
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Thanks for the help. – Habibur Rahman Jul 11 '11 at 9:36

You are probably looking for a bucket tool implementation. This is an article describing a general solution.

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Your given idea and link is similar to problem not exactly what i wanted to do. I'm looking for a algorithm like Flood Fill Algorithm. Can anyone implement Flood Fill Algorithm in Android or java. Please share your idea with us. – Habibur Rahman Jul 1 '11 at 6:32

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