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Does anyone know of a good website that I can check to find out what are the mobile phones (smartphones) that support facebook apps (Facebook API calls and all that)?

I am pretty sure that all smartphones have facebook support except for blackberries, but I would still like to find a full list.


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Blackberry currently has it in their AppWorld

Nokia currently has it in their Ovi Store

Saying that I don't believe there is a current "smart" phone that doesn't have a facebook app. I didn't link it, but Palm/HP WebOS also has a facebook app.

To also answer the API question I saw 3rd party apps on all platforms as well so I don't believe there is a current app market/platform that doesn't support the FB API.

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It would be based more on OS. iOS, Android, and Windows 7 all support the calls. According to this SO Question, Blackberry works too.

There is also the Facebook Blackberry SDK

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Yea I looked at that earlier. Apparently it only works for platforms above v5, and facebook has upgraded to v4.5. Thanks though – Peppered Lemons Jun 30 '11 at 13:49

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