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In Smalltalk are there functions or procedures? Is it possible to send a function or procedure to a subprogram?

And in another question: Can I send multi-dimensional arrays to a subprogram?

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I think I didn't understand your question. In Smalltalk there is nothing like functions, procedures or subprograms. It is all about objects and messages. A Messages implementation is called a Method.

Methods are reified as instances of CompiledMethod class. Hence, since they are objects, they can be passes arround by parameter, be stored in variables, etc.

Multi-dimensional array?? You have the class Matrix. Is that what you want?

I would recommend you to read the first chapters of Pharo By Example book. It will help you to get an introduction.


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Thank you and i will read it –  Zakaria Jun 30 '11 at 19:11

In Smalltalk, blocks are similar to anonymous functions. You can pass blocks as an argument in a message, just like you pass any other object as an argument.

But you should definitely read the book suggested by Mariano to learn the basic language concepts.

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Yes, please read the book, because your questions showing almost total absence of smalltalk knowledge. In smalltalk there is only few concepts: objects and messages. A methods are implementing behavior for specific messages.

A special object - closure is one that you want. You can pass a closure as argument in some message (or store it in some object) and evaluate it at any point.

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