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I've got a series of patches I want to send to an open source project but I'm not able to figure out how to properly format an email. I tried running a git format-patch command then attached them all into an email from Thunderbird but they all got rejected because each patch is supposed to be a separate email in itself. I want to avoid the git email commands because I have code in the same tree that is private and some that I need to send, which means I need to be able to manually review each email before it is sent.

I want to keep using Thunderbird, but there seem to be problems with it since it wraps lines and makes patches unusable. I also tried setting up fetchmail and mutt, but after literally 10 hours of reading and trying I gave up. Is there a non-fetchmail and non-thunderbird solution for sending git patches?

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git help format-patch has a section "MUA-SPECIFIC HINTS" that mentions three approaches to specifically make Thunderbird usable with git:

  • the Toggle Word Wrap add-on
  • configure Thunderbird to not mangle patches
  • or using an external editor
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hmm, I don't have that section on my computer. Will check google...indeed google has it. –  Chris H Jun 30 '11 at 15:42
the 2nd alternative configure Thunderbird to not mangle patches doesn't work anymore, maybe time to switch to Geary? –  knocte Nov 21 '13 at 15:29

You can usually just drag and drop the files generated by git format-patch into your Drafts folder. I know this at least works with the Evolution mail client.

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