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I have this stock rails 3.1 app, before even adding anything, I was testing to see if the assets are working as advertised

so i created this app/assets/javascripts/test.coffee

where test.coffee is just a

alert "hi"

When I navigate to, I do see

(function() {

But if I do, I get routing error; but I thought this is the correct behavior, not the above one. What have I done wrong?

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Try renaming your your js file to test.js.coffee

Coffee extension indicates that this file should be preprocessed with coffee processor, same as:

  • index.html.haml is just index.html with haml processor or
  • style.css.sass is just style.css with sass processor
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Yup, it works. -- I actually did know about it; the reason I had to ask anyway is because I am using this rails-backbone plugin, which has generators that generate filename.coffee files under the app/assets/javascripts and have these generated files be required in the application.js file ( but it obviously didn't work; but then again, why would the author not append .js as well if he's good enough to make a gem). That's where I got confused and decided to try to access plain .coffee files. Here's that gem's git github.com/codebrew/backbone-rails –  Nik Jun 30 '11 at 15:18
@Nik You probably can use just assets/test (without any extension) as javascript source and it should work, but I'm not sure about content type send with file without extension. –  MBO Jun 30 '11 at 15:20
oh wow, it does work. And you don't find this funky that extension isn't required?. Anyway, For the purpose of this question, I do consider this answered. –  Nik Jun 30 '11 at 15:28

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