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What is the best size to use for an Android application icon? Is it 72*72?

I want to install my application on a high resolution screen (hdpi).

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Have a look here and then here.

72 x 72px is correct for HDPI, with the actual content within being 60px by 60px. You'd want to support other densities though to avoid upsetting people with other devices.

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I am using 72*72, but when installed, the application icon has a blue contour around it! other by default installed applications don't have this contour! –  Hassan Mokdad Jun 30 '11 at 16:25
Link us a screenshot. I suspect your .png's transparency might not be set correctly. –  yep Jun 30 '11 at 17:12

You can also take a look here Android Asset Studio. It automatically creates icons for Android apps based on your needs.

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This tool is really great. Creates all icon sizes automatically from one image. And very nice&easy Web GUI too. Thanks for the link! –  JoonasS Nov 12 '12 at 16:15

To create an icon for different densities, you should follow the 2:3:4:6 scaling ratio between the four primary densities (medium, high, x-high, and xx-high, respectively).

For example, consider that the size for a launcher icon is specified to be 48x48 dp.

This means the baseline (MDPI) asset is 48x48 px,

and the high density (HDPI) asset should be 1.5x the baseline at 72x72 px,

and the x-high density (XHDPI) asset should be 2x the baseline at 96x96 px, and so on.

Note: Android also supports low-density (LDPI) screens with asset size 36x36 px, but you normally don't need to create custom assets at this size because Android effectively down-scales your HDPI assets by 1/2 to match the expected size.

Similarly for XXHDPI asset size should be 144x144 px.

Source: developer.android.com

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Android offer three icon sizes. Please see the following link:

Android automatically detect which icon size to be used on which screen. for that use the following code snippet in your menifest file.

<supports-screens android:resizeable=["true" | "false"] 
                 android:smallScreens=["true" | "false"]    
                 android:normalScreens=["true" | "false"]                   
                 android:largeScreens=["true" | "false"]
                 android:xlargeScreens=["true" | "false"]                  
                 android:anyDensity=["true" | "false"] />

This link would be helpful:

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