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I am now at the point where i cant get any further with out some help.I am trying to host files on the cloud and then access those files via code (C#). So far i have tried Rapidshare and Skydrive and have been unable to get either working at all. Below is a few things that i am trying to do or rather must be able to do with the cloud storage.

  1. What i need is a place to host files on the internet (obvious).
  2. The files can range in size from 10 megs to 100megs.
  3. I Must be able to download the files via code as well as upload via code.

I don't really mind having to pay as long as the price is not ridiculous.Any help at all will be much appreciated.

Thanks Stalkerh

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Why don't you look at Amazon S3 they do what you want, are cheap and have a C# API wrapping their web service (But ThreeSharp is better).

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Thanks will give it a go but it looks like what i need –  RC1140 Mar 17 '09 at 12:01

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