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I have a table view project with multiple controllers and another one that is a image gallery project and have a Three20 project added to it. I found it in internet. So i want when a table view cell is tapped a image gallery opens. Both projects work fine when i test em separated . I tried dragging gallery project and adding it to my main project ,but and then adding a headers to my project ,but the only thing i got are errors. Any ideas

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It's hard to tell you anything, because you didn't mention detailed information of your works. At least, we must know that if you are using XCode 4, what kind of errors you have got! and so on...

Moreover, do you know how to link static library into XCode project. That's the way it should work!

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Yes im using xcode 4 and i followed this tutorial raywenderlich.com/1430/how-to-use-the-three20-photo-viewer ,but now i'm getting Three20/three20.h no such file i tried everything dragging and playng with target setting to link libraries but nothing –  Alex Jul 1 '11 at 22:08
I posted a question before and found out the answer myself at stackoverflow.com/questions/6503567/… Please take a look. The point I figured out is to make sure that the import library *.a are not in red color! –  Thang Tran Jul 2 '11 at 2:27

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