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Hey guys i am developing and AR application and since wikitude and Layar are the ones only in my knowledge i am using their libraries being wikitude this time.

The following are the issues which i am facing :-

  • When i am on gps and out on streets only then does it shows my poi else it doesnt and i have both the permissions added in manifest and internet permission also
  • When i add title to poi by poi.setName("Title"); i am not shown the poi
  • Same goes with the description
  • I have got the key also and added that in wikitudeArIntent but still whenever i run the application the text "Wikitude" always come on the bottom left corner in the camera view
  • Is there any other open source library for making AR applications for android ?? is there a better to do all this??

Thanks in advance

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Mixare is an augmented reality library, free and open source

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Mixare is under GPL license, which makes it bad choice for commercial projects – Tuszy Mar 16 '12 at 12:34

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