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In Symfony2 RC3, I am trying to create a related entity on a User object (FOSUserBundle) at the point of user creation so that I can display the appropriate fields on an edit profile form. I am doing the following in the RegistrationFormHandler.

class RegistrationFormHandler { protected $request; protected $userManager; protected $form;

public function __construct(Form $form, Request $request, UserManagerInterface $userManager)
    $this->form = $form;
    $this->request = $request;
    $this->userManager = $userManager;

public function process($confirmation = null)
    $user = $this->userManager->createUser();

    if ('POST' == $this->request->getMethod()) {

        if ($this->form->isValid()) {
            if (true === $confirmation) {
            } else if (false === $confirmation) {
            $prog = new \MyBundle\CoreBundle\Entity\Programme();



            return true;

    return false;


The programme record does get created in the database but with a null user_id so it seems the association isn't working correctly. Anyone know what might be causing this?

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The solution was to do $programmes->setUser($this); in the addProgrammes method of my User entity

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