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I am looking for a solution to "springify" a struts1.1-based web application, that already have a custom ActionServlet and a custom RequestProcessor. Any hint on how to do that? I know that the integration could be easy if one of the two (ActionServlet, RequestProcessor) could be bypassed, but I can't touch them.

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the Package org.springframework.web.struts documentation says : There 2 ways make Struts delegate Action lookup to the ContextLoaderPlugIn: - Use DelegationActionProxy as Action "type" in struts-config. - Configure DelegatingRequestProcessor as "processorClass" in struts-config, using the original Action "type" (possibly generated by XDoclet) or no "type" at all. To also use Tiles, configure DelegatingTilesRequestProcessor instead. –  xalibeut Jun 30 '11 at 17:45
ok.....what's the question? –  Buhake Sindi Jul 14 '11 at 7:58

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