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Developing my custom Drupal's theme. it will contain custom node.tpl.php file.

How can i get and print related taxonomy names of selected node?

Tnx in adv!

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EDIT: Doh, my apologies, I'm just now seeing the Drupal 7 tag, specifically. It appears this thread has some possible solutions:

With D6 (not 100% about D7) In the node's template .php files (and similarly, in a view or most anywhere you have access to a node's properties with custom PHP, like a View or Block), you can use the following:

// returns array of taxonomy objects for given node
$tax_terms = taxonomy_node_get_terms($node);

// prints each term name
foreach ($tax_terms as $tax) {
    print $tax->name;

Also, there's a few useful Drupal functions for cases like this:

// print_r's all properties of a given node, similar to devel

// using this in the above 'for' look will give you all properties of each taxonomy object

Here's a website that lists a few more of these functions.

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tnx tim for the link :) – user198003 Jun 30 '11 at 19:42

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