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HTML5 supports the <svg> tag, allowing to embed SVG into HTML.

Digging a little deeper, can I nest some HTML inside my <svg> fragment? For example, I'd like to put a CSS'ed <table> in some part of my SVG graphics.

I made a small test and Chrome12 didn't like the HTML <p> inside the <svg>. Is there some technique to make it work (such as maybe an html container tag?)?

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Yes, with the <foreignObject> element, see this question for some examples.

Alternatively, if you have an html5 document you can also use CSS positioning and z-index to make parts of html visible where you want laid out on top of the svg. If you do it like that you don't need to nest the html inside the svg fragment. This will give you the most consistent behaviour across browsers in my experience.

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Thanks Eric! This article gives examples. FWIW, Chrome appears to be buggy (anything after a <foreignobject>tag is ignored. FF5 seems to do a very good job. – Serge Wautier Jun 30 '11 at 19:40
For others: my mistake was not giving the foreignObject a width and height. – pedz Jul 9 '14 at 21:05

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