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I would like to customize the way FB generates new classes, interfaces, code snippets... Nothing major, white space, indentation, things like that, to match my coding style. I follow the instructions on this page:

But nothing really changes... any insights?

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i'm having the exact same problem.anyone? bueller? – ericsoco Mar 15 '12 at 1:32

Hm. For some reason, editing templates in Preferences>Flash Builder>Editors>Code Templates>ActionScript doesn't seem to change much, at least in my Flash Builder workflow (create new classes via New>ActionScript Class, create getters/setters via Source>Generate Getter/Setter, etc).

However, editing the templates in Preferences>Flash Builder>Editors>Code Templates>Flash Builder does work. Stumbled across that here.

Yay for complexity and building on top of Eclipse! Oy.

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