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I am trying to install Informatica 8.6 server on my Windows 7 Home Edition Laptop with Oracle 11g. I am getting error message:

"Cannot start Informatica services" EXITCODE: S.

There is a long description which says:

"Use the error below and catalina.out and node.log in the server/tomcat/logs directory on the the current machine to get more information." .

When I checked catalina.out, the file is empty and node.log didn't exist in server/tomcat/logs.

Could you please let me know how to get rid of this error if have happened to come across and resolved that or know how to resolve the error?

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It looks like you have downloaded a incorrect file in a x32 laptop., so my advice is to delete it., and make again the reconstruction in a 32-bits machine:


From here


enter image description here

Then this 2 files:

enter image description here

Repository Accounts:

Follow this link., that i posted few weeks ago.


  • Run the file1 pc861_win32_x86\install.bat and select the language and the option to install PowerCenter 8.6.1
  • You must select the license key text file in File2>Oracle_All_OS_Prod.key


  • Domain name: Domain_OBIA7961
  • Hostname: OBIA7961
  • Node: node01_OBIA7961
  • Port nº: 6001
  • User= admin
  • Pass= *

In the advanced configuration put the minimum port 6005 and max. 6105

-- For more information go to Oracle official link

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