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Assuming that I have a class such as the following:

class Book < ActiveRecord::Base

  validates :title, :length => {:maximum => 10}


Is there a way (gem to install?) that I can have ActiveRecord automatically truncate values according to maximum length?

For instance, when I write:

b = Book.new
b.title = "123456789012345" # this is longer than maximum length of title 10

should save and return true?

If there is not such a way, how would you suggest that I proceed facing such a problem more generally?

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Well, if you want the value truncated if its too long, you don't really need a validation, because it will always pass. I'd handle that like this:

class Book < ActiveRecord::Base
  before_save :truncate_values
  def truncate_values
    self.title = self.title[0..9] if self.title.length > 10
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I do not fully agree with you. My business rule says: "title less or equal to 10 is valid even if this is a result of truncation". validates :title, :length => {:maximum => 10, :truncate => true} would have been the perfect solution for me. –  p.matsinopoulos Jun 30 '11 at 19:27
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I have come up with a new validator that does truncation. Here is how I did that:

I created the "validators" folder inside "app" folder and then created the file "length_truncate_validator.rb" with the following content:

class LengthTruncateValidator < ActiveModel::EachValidator

  def validate_each(record, attribute, value)
    ml = options[:maximum]
    record.send("#{attribute}=", value.mb_chars.slice(0,ml)) if value.mb_chars.length > ml unless value.nil? or ml.nil?

  class << self
    def maximum(record_class, attribute)
      ltv = record_class.validators_on(attribute).detect { |v| v.is_a?(LengthTruncateValidator) }
      ltv.options[:maximum] unless ltv.nil?


And inside my model class I have something like:

class Book < ActiveRecord::Base

  validates :title, :length_truncate => {:maximum => 10}


which is quite handy and works the way I require.

But still, if you think that this one can be improved or done in another way, you are welcome.

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This works, but I would call it more of a hack since it's using a validator, but not actually performing any validations. –  Matt Huggins Sep 27 '13 at 19:00
I agree with Matt. While it is possible to use the validation hooks to do this, it is a hack because not a Rails-style validation. Validators are not expected to modify the object, only to add to the errors collection as needed. If you want to force truncations, then (redundantly) validate the field length, just use karmajunkie's solution, but fire it using the before_validation callback, and just use the standard length validator. –  Tom Wilson Jul 22 '14 at 4:29
Validations check state. Use callbacks to change state. –  Benjamin Sullivan Nov 25 '14 at 13:15

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