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Im stuck with this simple problem in php:

$words = array();
while ($allrow = mysqli_fetch_array($all))
    $words = "".utf8_encode($allrow["eng"])."" => "".$allrow["id"]."";                  

foreach ($words[] as $key => $word) {

I wanna have an array with some words and its id. In the foreach loop I need to be able to know which id each word has.

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You array building syntax is off, try this:

// array key is the id, swap if needed, but I assume the ids are unique
$words[$allrow["id"]] = utf8_encode($allrow["eng"]);

Every time you say $words = $anything, you are overwriting the last iteration.

This should have generated a parse error:

."" => "".

Not sure how that slipped by your testing. No need for the empty "" strings either.

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Inside your foreach loop, add each entry to the array.

$words[utf8_encode($allrow["eng"])] = $allrow["id"];

if you actually want the id as the key, which is more probable, you reverse the assignment:

$words[$allrow["id"]] = utf8_encode($allrow["eng"]);

As well, you should not iterate using $words[]. That does not make sense. Use
foreach($words as $key => $value)

As assigning array values with [] and iterating arrays are basic concepts, you should study up on PHP arrays before trying to use them.

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I didn't even look at that last bit, this code is a mess. +1 for recommended reading on basic php. –  Wesley Murch Jun 30 '11 at 19:32
$words[$allrow["id"]] = utf8_encode($allrow["eng"]);

and then in the foreach loop use foreach ($words as $key => $word) {

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