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I want to use god to monitor my redis server. The problem is that they are in different locations locally and on my server. I tried doing something like this but this causes god to fail.

%w{6379}.each do |port|
  God.watch do |w| 
    w.name = "redis" 
    w.interval = 30.seconds 
    if RAILS_ENV == 'development'
      w.start = "/usr/local/bin/redis-server /usr/local/bin" 
      w.stop = "/usr/local/bin/redis-cli -p 6379 shutdown" 
    else # in production
      w.start = "/usr/local/etc/redis-server /usr/local/etc" 
      w.stop = "/usr/local/etc/redis-cli -p 6379 shutdown"
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if ENV["RAILS_ENV"] == 'development'

And then call your script using

RAILS_ENV=development sudo god ...

in your dev environment.

and in production:

sudo god ...
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Do you need sudo? I've been running it without root access without any issues so far. –  David Jun 30 '11 at 20:09
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