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I´m trying to install pyqt in macos. I read on Internet that i need: sip + pyqt + qt (obviously) I had no problem installing qt & sip. When I try to install pyqt I can see the following error at the terminal:

    python configure.py
    Error: A Qt installation could not be found. Use the -q argument or the QTDIR environment variable to explicitly specify the correct directory.

Anybody knows what I should write at the terminal?



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python configure.py -q /usr/bin/qmake-4.x

x being whatever qmake version you have, of course.

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Do you want to install PyQt for Qt 3 or PyQt4 for Qt 4?

The error message looks like the one from PyQt for Qt 3, in which case the argument to the -q option is the directory containing the bin, lib and include directories where the Qt executables, libraries and header files are installed.

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