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Trying to create an excel-like tool that groups csv's and has specific rules for each column, and some columns where you can insert images/paths associated. User should be able to login with difference permissions, export/import spreadsheets, see older versions of them, and customize new/existing columns with different rules.

Any advice/ideas for what I should use backend/frontend? I am starting out with Cappuchino.

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Have you tried table-tools? http://www.datatables.net/

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+1. Looks good. –  Tim Jul 1 '11 at 9:14

I would recommend taking a look at the grid that's a part of the jqwidgets project. There's a "spreadsheet" example, although I think some of the other grid demos there might be more useful.

I've used the datatables project, and it's very powerful, but it forces you to structure your JSON in a way that I think is unnatural and forced. In other words you can't just build your JSON in the most logical way and expect datatables to consume it: it has to be specifically tailored to the needs of datatables, in a way I didn't like. Other than that it's quite awesome.

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