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Need to re-size the RadSplitter control on my WebUserControl to the total size of the displayed (not collapsed) panes.

For instance, I have 2 panes displayed within a RadSplitter. Each of these panes has a height of 250px. If one of these panes is collapsed, I only want the RadSplitter to take up space for 250px in height. If both panes are opened (none collapsed), I want the RadSplitter to take up space for 500px in height. This needs to be able to change in a live environment so that, if the user opens or closes a pane it makes the appropriate adjustments to the RadSplitter's height property.

Any idea's...?

Thanks for your help!

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What I would do is listed to the OnClientCollapsing event of the splitter and within it change the height of the main splitter div with javascript.

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