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I have a page which generates HTML dynamically and does an echo of it. How can I do this with the JQPlot. I can have multiple graphs on same page. I see that JQPlot uses document.ready to render it. I will generate required arrays from php .

How should I do this so that I can just call a PHP/Javascript method / include and pass required parameters to display chart?

If I have multiple charts should I put a document.ready and than out a PHP for loop inside it and call a generic plot function where I can pass all my parameters ?

something as below

   <?php for loop to generate required objects for chart  ?>
  Call JQPlot function to generate chart
   <? > 
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Show us what you got so far. – André Laszlo Jun 30 '11 at 20:57
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Use php's json_encode to generate a javascript object in your javascript tag :

<script type="text/javascript">
   var data = <?php echo json_encode($phpdata)?>
   ... process data with jqPlot, now it's in a js variable.
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You can do something like the following in php if you use the agiletoolkit php framework.

$chart = $p->add('jqplot', null, null);
$arr=array(array(11,123,1236, 'Acura'),array(45,92,1067, 'Alfa Romeo'),
    array(24,104,1176, 'AM General'),array(50,23,610, 'Aston Martin Lagonda'),
    array(18,17,539, 'Audi'), array(7,89,864,'BMW'),   
    'rendererOptions'=>array('bubbleGradients'=>true), 'shadow'=>true));

which will create a graph like this

enter image description here

Have a look at my website for more examples of creating graphs with php.

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A more simpler PHP charts jqplot php wrapper is also there, which would make things quite simple.

$p = new chartphp();
$p->data = array(array(3,7,9,1,4,6,8,2,5),array(5,3,8,2,6,2,9,2,6));
$p->chart_type = "line";
$out = $p->render('c1');

print the $out where you wish to display chart. You can put above code in parametrized function and have multiple calls.

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