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I have added a RSS viewer web part to my sharepoint 2010 site which consumes daily feed from Dilbert.

The comic strip that I receive is bigger in size than the webpart size.

How can I change the size of the strip so that it fits in the web part?

I have tried (and failed) the following:

  1. Changed the size of the web part but the strip size remained the same.Instead,horizontal and vertical scrollers appeared.

  2. I edited the site page.In the site page,I changed the width of the column the web part is in.In this case,the strip got cropped.

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Can you share the code that generates the Web part? Images of the issue would be good too. –  Jason Gennaro Jul 2 '11 at 14:55
@Jason Gennaro: I am a new user on stackoverflow.Don't have enough reputation points to post image.Which code do you want me to post?XSL code or the one that I see in Sharepoint Designer.Thanks a ton! –  Raj Narang Jul 2 '11 at 20:07
Welcome to SO @Raj! Post both, I say. But only the relevant parts. Although you cannot post images yet, you can link to screenshots you post somewhere else. –  Jason Gennaro Jul 2 '11 at 20:29
Pic Link:tinyurl.com/68ljovs –  Raj Narang Jul 12 '11 at 14:54

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