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I'm a newbie in SSIS... I'm exporting data from a DBSource and outputing any errors to a Flat File. Now, when I connect the red arrow to the Flat Destination I'm receiving a warning from the DB Source "No rows will be sent to error output(s). Configure error or truncation dispositions to redirect rows to the error output(s), or delete data flow transformations or destinations that are attached to the error output(s)."

Does anyone know what it means? How can I get rid of that?

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By default, SSIS will "Fail component" on an error or truncation issue. You must tell SSIS that you do not want to fail the package, but you want to "Redirect Row" which will allow the flow to continue down the red arrow.

  • Edit your Source
  • Go to the Error Output tab
  • Set the relevant columns you want to trigger an error row redirect to Redirect Output as below.

This should remove the warning message you are currently getting

Configure Error Output in SSIS

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