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I looked at the code for callFromThread. It's appending all the callables into threadCallQueue list. If multiple threads call callFromThread, how can callFromThread be thread-safe? In other words, without a lock on threadCallQueue, how can callFromThread be threadsafe? Am I missing something basic?

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Multiple threads can add items to the list (these are the producers) and it's always done through an append() call (so, at the end of the list):

self.threadCallQueue.append((f, args, kw))

Only the main thread ever reads items and removes them from the list (this one is the consumer) and it always reads at the beginning of the list:

# Keep track of how many calls we actually make, as we're
# making them, in case another call is added to the queue
# while we're in this loop.
count = 0
total = len(self.threadCallQueue)
for (f, a, kw) in self.threadCallQueue:
        f(*a, **kw)
    count += 1
    if count == total:
del self.threadCallQueue[:count]

So, since one thread reads from the beginning of the list and others write at the end, this is thread-safe as long as Python lists are. This is noted in the function's source code:

# lists are thread-safe in CPython, but not in Jython
# this is probably a bug in Jython, but until fixed this code
# won't work in Jython.
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Thanks for the detailed answer. – gmemon Jun 30 '11 at 23:36

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