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I'm trying to familiarize myself with the following situation.


class Routine < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :exercise_routines
  has_many :exercises, :through => :exercise_routines
  accepts_nested_attributes_for :exercise_routines


class ExerciseRoutine < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :exercise
  belongs_to :routine
  has_many :attempts
  accepts_nested_attributes_for :attempts

show.html #/routines/show.html.haml

%h2 Exercises:

  - for exercise_routine in @routine.exercise_routines
    %li= exercise_routine.exercise.name
        = exercise_routine.sets
        = exercise_routine.reps
        - for attempt in exercise_routine.attempts
          = attempt.reps
        = semantic_form_for @routine do |routine|
          = routine.semantic_fields_for exercise_routine do |exercise_routine|
            = exercise_routine.semantic_fields_for :attempts do |attempt|
              = attempt.input :reps, :required => false
          = routine.buttons`

What I'm having trouble with is two things: 1) This is successfully rendering attempts for each routine if I manually add it through the console but if I try to update it I'll get: "unknown attribute: exercise_routine" and I realize that because the params:

 "commit"=>"Update Routine",

Don't look right. It should reference exercise_routines with an id.

2) Want to be able to add an attempt at the same time.

@routine.exercise_routines.each do |er|
  1.times {er.attempts.build}

Renders it properly but of course I'm running into the same params problem. I'm either doing something stupidly wrong, or this is harder than I think to do this type of multiple collection nesting?

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You aren't using fields_for properly. The first argument has to the association to use for the nested fields. The second one then can be a collection of/single model(s) to use for the value of the association.

= routine.semantic_fields_for :exercise_routines, exercise_routine do |f|

Also I would suggest not hiding the first local exercise_routine with the form builder local inside the block. And I would use the @routine.exercise_routines.each do |exercise_routine| form instead of the for loop.

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