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I am currently importing a third party HTML file into my page and it has following java script method tied to a form submit.

function ValidateInput(){
       //some code
               alert("Validation failed");
                return false;
                return openWin("URL");

I don't have control over this code. But I want to intercept the URL that is mentioned in the openWin function and I want to do some validation on that URL before it opens.

Is it possible with JQuery?

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You don't need jQuery.

You can replace the function with your own and call the old one if you want.

var oldOpenWin = openWin;
openWin = function(url) {
    // do validation
    // call old one
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You can overwrite any function like so:

(function(original_openWin) {
  window.openWin = function() {
    // your own code
    alert('Hello world from openWin intercept');

    // execute original openWin function


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