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I want to host web services in an existing C/C++ application. What is the best solution?

I would like a solution similar to what JAX-WS does for Java. Specifically revolving around SOAP requests.

Any personal experience with available solutions?

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You probably have already, but I think you should consider not using SOAP and consider a RESTful service instead. In my experience, it leads a far cleaner architecture without needing the cruft of XML. –  manku Jul 10 '11 at 11:46
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As far as I understand the most popular free solution is gSOAP http://gsoap2.sourceforge.net/

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I've used gSOAP successfully for a couple of projects. The APIs it generates can be a little ugly, but it seems stable and it's been able to handle every web service I've thrown at it. –  JonathonW Jul 1 '11 at 2:20
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You should check out Apache Axis from Apache. It has a very nice SOAP implementation & will definitely qualify for one of the best.
It is free and opensource.

Also, have a look at Axis2/C, it is the C version of the Axis2 architecture, which is way more flexible than Axis1.

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I like how you were able to find kind words for Axis2 –  MK. Jul 13 '11 at 16:43
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I tested Pion at http://www.pion.org/. Deriving from its class pion::net::WebService and create HTTP responses is pretty easy.

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I think your best option is to use the WSO2 Web Services Framework for C++ because:

  1. It's high-performance
  2. It's easy to integrate
  3. It's easy to use (Quick start guide)
  4. It have a lot of tools around: WSDL2CPP ( Code Generation tool ), tcpmon ( SOAP Message viewer ) and WSClient ( command line web services client )
  5. It have an organic support for WS-Security, WS-Security Policy, WS-Secure Conversation and WS-Reliable Messaging.
  6. And my favorite: Runtime management using WSO2 Carbon based Web Interface.

See more features here.

There are factual comparison results between WSO's WSF/C++ and others Web services implementations with superior results in favor of WSF (2-3 times better performance).

WSO2 team and community is very active and the technologies provided by them are highly integrated each other and with 3rds via Open Standards. Documentation and examples are vastly.

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The first one looks solid,though I have no hands on Experience.

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