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Is the following possible:

EXEC sp_Edu3_DeleteTreeStructure (SELECT TreeStructureId FROM TreeStructures)

The SP normally takes one argument. What I want is that the SP is executed for each TreeStructureId found by the Query.

thx, Lieven Cardoen

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You can use a CURSOR to do this.

DECLARE @treeStructureId int

DECLARE TreeStructureCursor CURSOR FOR

OPEN TreeStructureCursor

FETCH NEXT FROM TreeStructureCursor
INTO @treeStructureId

    EXEC sp_Edu3_DeleteTreeStructure(@treeStructureId)

    FETCH NEXT FROM TreeStructureCursor
    INTO @treeStructureId

CLOSE TreeStructureCursor
DEALLOCATE TreeStructureCursor
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Thx, Robin, I knew I could do it with a cursor but I was wondering if it could be done without a cursor. (I don't think it can be done...) –  Lieven Cardoen Mar 17 '09 at 13:49
You could change your SELECT statement to return XML containing all of the ID's and then modify your Stored Proc to accept this XML as it's parameter and work with 1-many id's. You're right though, a stored procedure cannot do as you ask. A function is closer, but will be unable to delete the data. –  Robin Day Mar 17 '09 at 14:12

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