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I have got a very big confusing question....

is .xaml file is a page or a usercontrol. Simple words is silver light has pages or every silver light page is called as a usercontrol????

I have a scenario: firstly i have mainpage and app.xaml.

I have added myPage.xaml as a sivlerlight usercontrol. This has same extension and code behind same as main page. I am able to find mypage as a silverlight usercontrol in Toolbox menu but not Mainpage... Is there any specific reason i cannot use mainpage as a usercontrol...???

Any answers appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

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When you right click the project and select Add New Item, you can choose to add either a Silverlight page or a user control. Both are written in xaml, but one starts with <Page> and the other with <UserControl>

** edited with HiTech Magic's correction

A User Control is the base class for writing your own .xaml object. A Page inherits from a User Control, but has additional functionality (you can navigate to it inside a Frame)

Hope this helps.

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"can only be shown within a page" is incorrect. Just to clarify the above, UserControls are also used as Pages (but without the navigation extras). –  TrueBlueAussie Jul 1 '11 at 7:44
Thanks! Edited with your correction. –  Nick B Jul 1 '11 at 12:53

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