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Hi Folks, Please help me to fix this : Suppose we call the same javascript function from anchors but with different parameter

<a id="edit1" onclick="foo(1)"></a> 
<a id="edit2" onclick="foo(2)"></a>

function foo(id)
// let's say the code here hide the clicked anchor and show a new anchor with cancel-edit id 

The scenario :

  • I clicked in the first anchor - The first anchor replaced with a new anchor :
  • How can i disable the function, so when i click in the second anchor it does nothng.
  • Now suppose i clicked in the anchor with the id cancel-edit it will pull back the anchor with the id edit1 and reactivate the foo function so when i reclick in the second anchor it will execute again the foo function...

i hope it's clear :X ! Thanks in advance.

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What are you trying to do? – Mrchief Jul 1 '11 at 3:10
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If you want to disable it for all the elements after one is clicked, you could just set a flag:

var enabled = true;
function foo(id) {
    if( enabled ) {
        // run your code
        enabled = false;

It will continue to run, but the code in the if statement will not after the first click.

function stop() {

    // replace the original anchor

    enabled = true; // enable the "foo" handler


When the new anchor with stop() is clicked, you replace it with the original anchor, and set enabled to true so that foo() will work again.

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Thanks for your fast reply! sorry but ihavnt explained very well what i want to do. This is the scenario : – v1r00z Jul 1 '11 at 2:59
- I clicked in the first anchor - The first anchor replaced with a new anchor : <a onclick="stop()"></> - Now when i click in the second anchor it does nothing - But when i click in the new anchor which call the javascript stop function, it does reactivate the foo function - And when i reclick in the second anchor, it will work Sorry for my bad english i trying my best :)! – v1r00z Jul 1 '11 at 3:06
@v1r00z: You'll need to edit your question, and add more code and details. – user113716 Jul 1 '11 at 3:14
thanks done ^_^ – v1r00z Jul 1 '11 at 3:26
@v1r00z: I updated my answer. Just have your stop() function set enabled = true so that foo will work again. – user113716 Jul 1 '11 at 3:30

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