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Is there a shortcut i can use to display or search Obj-C API?

Say, i'd like to learn more about what IBAction does, i wonder if i can mouse over it and view documentation. Is there a way this can be enabled? A side bar possibly?

Please advise

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Option-click a class name and a window will pop up with a description. Click the book icon and the help window will open to that class. Command click to view the h file.

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This also works for method names. –  JonathonW Jul 1 '11 at 2:55

Not that I know off, but you may see the source code at any time, and that has plenty of documentation on the comments.

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In Xcode 4, the Organizer window has a documentation section which can be accessed from the Right sidebar (Quick Help, which is part of the button group to enable the bottom bar (GDB by default) as well as the left sidebar (Class tree/etc) ) of the main Xcode window whenever you click on basically anything in the code (if its a custom method/variable it only tells you where it is defined). However, if it is something like IBAction it will pop up a brief definition as well as a link to open the previously mentioned organizer to the appropriate documentation page.

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