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I am using some third party application (email2http) which will send me emailID, body and message. I unable to retrieve the email ID properly due to my name is appended on it and enclosed with < and >. Here is the querystring I am getting.

test.php?from=Ajay+Reddy &subject=cx&body=somebody

When I print the from variable in PHP it just returns the name and not email ID.

$from = $_GET['from']; echo $from;

//output Ajay Reddy

Please suggest me how can I get the emailID also.

I dont want to use post method due to my testing and debugging.

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It's working fine. You forgot to use htmlentities() in your debugging.

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thanks I was using html_entity_decode, thats why it didnt work. Now it works – AjayR Jul 1 '11 at 3:30

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