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I am not sure whether i should call this next big idea but we need to take rapid application development to next level.

Example : I type in google search (assuming i am logged in using google account)

@appspot @myemployeeapp #select name,address from employee where rating >10

Outcome : Should Generate working appengine app

[this app will automatically generate various screens to create,edit,delete,update employee name,address,rating.

This will revolutionize the way non programmers can generate and organize data with a single query and focus on their business problem.

1.My question to this community : Are there any tools which help me generate UI based on my datastore model or sql query. I want standard UI based on the model and relationships.

  1. Are there any other rapid development tool this community wants to recommend on appengine platform.
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I think Grails will be right choice for your requirement. It provide the scaffold view for your domain model.

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