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I'm currently hosting my websites on Windows 2008 Servers through an old-school hosting company.

I'd like to switch to something like Windows Azure in hope that it'll be a better service.

Is it as easy as copying my .NET websites and databases across or will they not work and might have to be re-coded? I have websites, database and REST services (REST talking with mobile apps).

Would Amazon Cloud be an easier switch?

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this isn't a programming question. maybe serverfault? – jcomeau_ictx Jul 1 '11 at 4:51

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Quite a few people have asked similar questions in the past - check out questions/answers like:

For a typical ASP.Net SQL Server application, you probably won't have to change too much - but there are always possible problems/challenges in things like Session management and local file storage.

If you do rely on a lot of local machine customisation - e.g. if you absolutely need access to a persistent disk drive, then one alternative to consider is to use an X-Drive - see, for example, how Umbraco and DNN have been ported -, and However, in general, I'd advise not to take this route unless your codebase is large and has to - taking this route will impact your architecture and your scalability and durability.

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You need to recode the site for Azure with main changes in the SQL/Storage area

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