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I'm trying to get this jQuery Feature Carousel - http://www.bkosborne.com/jquery-feature-carousel to display vertical instead of horizontal. I tried playing around with the CSS by altering the width and height of the #carousel-container and #carouse it but didn’t really work properly (the effects display in one continuous line instead of rotating). I think it would require some editing in the jquery.featureCarousel.js file but I'm not sure what to edit. Hoping someone can help?

Thanks in advance.

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In Horizontal carousel menu JS there is one variable direction:"horizontal"

so i think you need to change direction:"vertical"

Just Try it...may be needful.


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Thanks, I have tried this but it didn't work. I've contacted the orginal developer so hopfully there's a solution. –  tee Jul 4 '11 at 6:33

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