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I would like to know, how I can add Check in And Check out date Calender, in the Twitter styled sign pop Menu (http://aext.net/example/twitterlogin/#). I used this menu in Travel website, that's why I need Check in and Check out dates....



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We have implemented with all the codes together, we are unable to get the dates from Callender... May be it conflicts with other coding values.... –  Rodger Jul 1 '11 at 5:41

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Firstly, it has nothing with php at all, it's all about plain javascript(jquery). There are seldom jquery calendar plugins, like http://www.overset.com/2008/05/12/multiday-calendar-datepicker-jquery-plugin/ or others. I can't guess what are you expecting from the calendar, but all the standart "functions" are surely included in the most of them.The choice of plugin is on you. Cheers

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