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I am trying to add a file under Linux Android Emulator . I followed the following procedure

$Android_Emulator/tools>./mksdcard -l 256M mysdcard.img
$Android_Emulator/tools>chmod 777 mysdcard.img

The mysdcard.img is created successfully with read write permissions. In android emulator Run as>Run Configurations>Target -- I am selecting my emulator/avd and in commandsline typing

-sdcard "/Android_Emulator/tools/mysdcard.img
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after -l you should give a label name

> ./mksdcard -h
mksdcard: create a blank FAT32 image to be used with the Android emulator
usage: mksdcard [-l label] <size> <file>
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Still I am facing the same issue:Error : Unable to write a read only file sytem!! – Ratul Jul 5 '11 at 9:08

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