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I'm creating a board game to be played via wi-fi, in the iPhone.

When device A invites device B to play(try to resolve the NSNetService published by B), device B can accept or decline.

If B declines, A is notified and everything is fine. But if A try to invite B again later, i get the following error in my netService:didNotResolve: delegate method.

NSNetServicesErrorCode = -72003 NSNetServicesErrorDomain = 10

The error -72003 means NSNetServicesActivityInProgress...How can i proceed to let one player "invite" other player more than once ?

I'm using the AsynchSocket libray, thanks!

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Post some of your code to illustrate what you are currently doing –  Nick Bull Jul 1 '11 at 8:29
When the browser find a new service, i add it to the array and call [service resolveWithTimeout:]. When netServiceDidResolveAddress: is called, i connect my socket to this new service using [self.socket connectToAddress:error:]...When the user touches a row of my tableView, i grab the service from the array and call again [self.socket connectToAddress:error:]...it works now, but i think i have to connect only when the user request...am i right? –  Fernando Jul 1 '11 at 22:18

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Ok, i figure that out.

What i'm doing is to resolve the NSNetService as quick as possible in the browserDidFind: delegate method. When a need to connect i call [socket connectToAddress:], passing the NSNetService address, no more errors!


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