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Is it possible to set animation when we move from an activity in landscape view to an activity in portrait view ?

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It's possible, but not trivial. Add this property to your <activity> in your AndroidManifest.xml file:


Then, override your activity's onConfigurationChanged and perform the animation there.

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I gave overridePendingTransition(R.anim.login_fadein, R.anim.splash_fadeout);But is not working. –  nila Jul 1 '11 at 7:59
Make sure it'll hidden the keyboard. –  Praveen Nov 25 '11 at 13:07
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I can give you an idea. Try to implement it this way.

  1. Add viewFlipper as a parent node in your layout and set animation to flipper.

  2. Now when you change configuration from portrait to lndscape or vice-versa, you get a call to the method onConfigurationChanged() in your activity. (you will have to overide this method).

  3. Now animate your flipper using startFlipping() and you are done.


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