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Hey so i just took the following steps:

  • Downloaded Box2d 2.1.2 and used cmake to build the msVS++ projectiles
  • Built Box2D.sln under debug and release, but didn't touch the libs or dlls
  • Made a new Win32 project, and copied the code from "Hello World" which was included in the Box2D download into my new projects main source file
  • Added an include directory to the same source code used by Cmake to generate the projects
  • Added the project "Box2D" (the static library project) to the sollution so i could modify the library's code; generated by cMake
  • Added "Box2D" as a refrence under my new projects common properties
  • Looked at "Box2D"'s librarian properties and set 'link library dependencies' to YES
  • Pondered the question i put as a comment above the includes (please answer that too!)

Here's Hello World.cpp (please answer the question in the comment)

/* I've also added the "Box2D" project generated by cmake, which includes 
    all the same files that are in folder my include directory points to, so i could alter the code.
    Does this mean i should change <Box2D\Box2D.h> to just "Box2D.h" ?  */
#include <Box2D\Box2D.h>
#include "StdAfx.h"
#include <cstdio>

int main(int argc, char** argv)

    // Define the gravity vector.
    b2Vec2 gravity(0.0f, -10.0f);

    // Do we want to let bodies sleep?
    bool doSleep = true;

         // blah blah, rest of code doesn't matter

However when trying to run this i get errors such as

1>c:\libraries and headers\box2d_v2.1.2\box2d_v2.1.2\box2d\build\box2d helloworld\box2d helloworld\box2d helloworld.cpp(30): error C3861: 'B2_NOT_USED': identifier not found

which are all about undefined identifiers which ARE defined in the many headers included in Box2D.h. Why doesn't it see them?

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Found the problem: didn't see the warning saying that Box2D.h was skipped because it was placed before stafx.h; so i switched the order of the includes.

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