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please help me someone,,,,

i write some code to get the popup window using the following code.

<div id="EMAIL_CONFIRMATION_PENDING" class="popupContact" style="z-index:10003;">
                <div class="popup_textarea">
                    <h3><h:outputLabel value="#{labelMsgs.emailPendingLabel}"/></h3>
                    <div class="VerifyEmailText">
                        <h:outputLabel value="#{labelMsgs.clickToSendEmail}"/> 
                        <span class="FontItalic"><h:outputLabel value="#{headerBean.emailAddress}."/></span>
                        <br /><br />                         
                    <div  class="SuspendedBoxMsg">
                        <h:outputLabel value="#{labelMsgs.accountSuspend}"/><br />
                        <h3><h:outputLabel value="#{sessionScope.DASHBOARD_EMAIL_EXP_TIME}"/></h3>
                        <h:outputLabel value="#{labelMsgs.unlessYouVerify}"/>
                        <br />                                                        
                        <span class="FontWeight">
                            <h:outputLabel value="#{labelMsgs.spamMailFolder}"/>
                        <a4j:commandLink id="resendLink" styleClass="violet_color_link" value="#{labelMsgs.regSuccSendMail}" onclick="javascript:resendLink(); this.onclick=null;" action="#{headerBean.resendEmail}" />
                    <div class="OkButton">
                        <div class="button_input">                          
                            <a4j:commandButton id="emailConfm" styleClass="image_button" value="#{labelMsgs.okButton}" action="#{accntDashboardBean.popupRefresh}"
                                reRender="frmAccountDashboardMenu:POPUP_PANEL" oncomplete="disablePopup1('EMAIL_CONFIRMATION_PENDING', 'backgroundPopup');popupCall('#{sessionScope.toShowPopupOf}');"/>

in this am using the id of the div to populate the popup,like this i have write some other popup code with different ids. for this i write the code in window.onload function to get the popup, so, i need to set the default focus on the submit button which i mentioned in the above code.

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2 Answers 2

You can set the focus to the submit button with the use of javascript or jquery:



jquery (

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you can use the following to set focus into the button


But this may not work, to fix this I have done something like this

setTimeout( function() {document.getElementById('emailConfm').focus()},100);

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