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I have a django app and I would like to have an experience on scaling-up my project.

In this document scaling issues of django applications are explained very well but before I buy new servers I would like to try the softwares which are mentioned in the document.

Is it possible to run 4-5 virtual machines and install linux servers on each of them in my local computer and distribute database,media and source code of my application on them ?

The reason for that I would like to test the softwares like load-balancers or mysql replication tools before production enviroment.


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What do you mean, is it possible? Have you tried? – Daniel Roseman Jul 1 '11 at 9:42
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It is not only possible but very easy. Take a look at the Vagrant1 project. It's a set of small programs built around creating/updating/managing virtual environments for software development.

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