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Does enybody know where can I find settings bundle for preinstalled applications like mobile safari, mail and so on?

I have jailbroken ios device.

I have installed my application to /Applcation folder. Not to the standart applications folder /private/var/mobile/Applications. Therefore my settings.bundle was ignored by the system and I don't see my setting in "system settings" application.

I put my app to /Application to pretect my application from deletion by long push on the app icon. ( cydia installed in the same folder, and also can't be removed)

I case of regular install to /private/var/mobile/Applications i see my settings in "system settings" application and everything is OK.

I don't see settings.bundle in the /Application/MobileSafari.app or in the /Applications/MobileMail.app They use another way. And the question is how they do it? Where is they settings.bundle?

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That's an interesting question, but I don't think they have a settings.bundle. It's probably preinstalled in the settings app or another way completely. They don't have to have a separate setting for each app, as they're all bundled together. I would search through the Settings.app if it exists (mine isn't currently jailbroken so I can't check) and/or folders in /var. Good luck!

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