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What is the best practice or approach to get lastvisited information for an user in Grails? For user login, I am using spring security and I want to show few junks of information based on lastvisited date. So far I don't have any property in user domain. Would you please let me know different and possible approaches that i can easily collect aforementioned information within Grails application. Another related query is, how can i combat with aforementioned problem when a user closes a window or tab in browser without pressing logout link/button?

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We ended up pretty messy - will be happy to know a better way. We're saving visit info of:

  • login - in an action that spring-security-redirect points to;
  • login by "remember me" - in ApplicationListener.onApplicationEvent(appEvent) (we made a service an ApplicationListener):

    if (appEvent instanceof AuthenticationSuccessEvent) {
        if (appEvent.source instanceof RememberMeAuthenticationToken) {

    Maybe this is the place to collect all the login events.

  • logout - in our own logout action that redirects to j_spring_security_logout.
  • we don't log session timeouts.
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