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i am having hardtime to fix my problem on virtualstringtree.

I have NodeData which has having the same Node.NodeHeight or the defaultNodeHeight, the problem now was Im going to change each of the NodeHeight into different Size as a result the VirtualStringtree did not give me a correct Scrolling causing the other node cannot be seen.

anyone could help?

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Thats because VT won't know the total height of the tree until all the nodes are initialized (theyr height becomes known). So one option would be to force all nodes to be initialized. Thats of course against the "virtual paradigm" of th VT, but if you have only small number of nodes it's not so bad. Another option is to set the DefaultNodeHeight to maximum NodeHeight you going to use (if you know it beforehand) so VT will assume all the uninitialized nodes to be of that height.

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