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What I want is :

In the search method i will add an extra parameter say relevance param of type float to setup the cuttoff relevance. So lets say if the cutoff is 60% I want items that are higher than 60% relevance.

Here is current code of search :

say the search text is a and in lucene file system i have following description: 1) abcdef 2)abc 3)abcd

for now it will fetch all the above three docuements , i want to fetch those which are that are higher than 60% relevance.

//for now i am not using the relevanceparam anywhere in the method :

public static string[] Search(string searchText,float relevanceparam)
            //List of ID
            List<string> searchResultID = new List<string>();

            IndexSearcher searcher = new IndexSearcher(reader);
            Term searchTerm = new Term("Text", searchText);
            Query query = new TermQuery(searchTerm);
            Hits hits = searcher.Search(query);
            for (int i = 0; i < hits.Length(); i++)
                float r = hits.Score(i);
                Document doc = hits.Doc(i);

            return searchResultID.ToArray();

Edit :

what if i set boost to my query say : query.SetBoost(1.6);-- is this is equivalent to 60 percent?

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You can easily do this by ignore those hits that have less than a TopDocs.MaxScore * minRelativeRelevance where minRelativeRelevance should be a value between 0 and 1.

I've modified your code to match the 3.0.3 release of Lucene.Net, and added a FieldSelector to your call to IndexSearcher.Doc to avoid loading non-required fields.

Calling Query.SetBoost(1.6) would only mean that the score calculated by that query would be boosted by 60% (multiplied with 1.6). It may change the ordering of the result if there were other queries involved (in a BooleanQuery, for example), but it wont change which results are returned.

public static String[] Search(IndexReader reader, String searchText, 
                              Single minRelativeRelevance) {
    var resultIds = new List<String>();

    var searcher = new IndexSearcher(reader);
    var searchTerm = new Term("Text", searchText);
    var query = new TermQuery(searchTerm);
    var hits = searcher.Search(query, 100);

    var minScore = hits.MaxScore * minRelativeRelevance;
    var fieldSelector = new MapFieldSelector("ID");
    foreach (var hit in hits.ScoreDocs) {
        if (hit.Score >= minScore) {
            var document = searcher.Doc(hit.Doc, fieldSelector);
            var hitId = document.Get("ID");

    return resultIds.ToArray();
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