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I have an JPA+Hibernate entity that I need to send via RMI to a client that doesn't know Hibernate, so I've made a method to "cleanse" Hibernate from it:

// shortened
public class Player {
   private Set<Item> ownedItems;
   public void makeSerializable() {
      ownedItems = new HashSet<Item>(ownedItems);

However, when I call makeSerializable Hibernate will attempt to lazy-load ownedItems if it's not loaded yet, which I don't want, and which is also impossible because there is Hibernate session. Instead, if ownedItems is not loaded, I'd like to set it to null or an empty set.

How can I do that?

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if (!Hibernate.isInitialized(ownedItems)) {
    ownedItems = new HashSet<Item>();

This is the way to test if a collection is initialized without the need for a session.

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