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Our company can have a contract with a person and a company.

So the responsible 'party' of a contract, can be both a person and a company.

I have setup a model where:


Contract ------ person | -- company

class Contract < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :party, :polymorphic => true end

class Party < ActiveRecord::Base self.abstract_class = true has_many :contracts, :as => :party end

class Organization < Party end

class Person < Party end


What I want to be able to do is have a form "new contract" and in the field "contract with" I'd like to have a dropdown box of all known people and companies.


In the end: I'm willing to change my model and ideas... but the behaviour that should remain is that a contract can be closed with both a person and a company. Any suggestion is welcome!

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You could fill your select values with a string containing both class and id (i.e. ), which you then process in either the model or controller.

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